Every products provided in MOWIN are finely crafted with a dedication to let you experienced comfort that allows you to create certains mood bringing the better environment into your room


One of the most recognizable and popular roller systems used in interior design. Their versatility allows you to mount the blinds on most windows, walls, ceilings, and bays.

Best fabrics and best window innovation system available in the market with decades of experiences are chosen to ensure smooth and quite operation, roll blinds are available in manual system with our chain system, spring chain system and heavy duty  system. Motorized system are also available.


Cleverly constructed to work like roller blind and look like a shutter when viewed from distance. Our 3D blinds are strong and stylish, with a modern design that will simply add sophistication to every room.

Available in manual or motorized systems.


Two alternating layers of translucent and opaque horizontal stripped fabrics, gives you a roller blind with Venetian blind affect. Alternate the stripped layers to suit your privacy and light control, or rolls up and out of the way just like roller blind does.

Available in manual or motorized systems.


Viewmax is an upgrade of our basic v series system to ensure the two layers of fabric are tightly pressed together when the vanes are sliding to open or close, effectively eliminating light gaps between. The vanes can be opened or closed either horizontally or vertically to provide light and privacy control. Easy & simple operation with its single cord system.

Blinds systems available in horizontal and vertical.


The smart system features an enlarged head box which accommodates easy operation of otherwise restrictedly large and heavy fabrics blinds. Smart system’s multi-type variation enables the combination of two different fabrics such as sheer and blackout to function very much like a dual layer curtain.


Traditional vertical blinds are excellent choice and is a very versatile product suitable for many applications in both domestic and professional environments.Providing controlled sunlight into your room through sleek looking tilting slats. Available in array of colours to compliment your interior. Looks perfect in providing privacy while still keeping a room bright and breezy.


Mowin offers multi joiner system that allows multiple Blinds to be connected and controlled by a single mechanism to maintain the aesthetic look and simplicity. Flawless functionality provides convenience and efficiency at your fingertips.


Designed to assist lifting heavier blinds to reduce user effort.  Our spring system are available in standard or heavy duty versions to suit our clients need.


Our Interior Skylight Blinds offer the perfect solution to cover ceilings and give the elegant touch to the room. Easy to operate with motorized system and give you the efficiency in adjusting the filter or sunlight, it is capable enough to soften up huge space and creates good atmosphere.


Protect your home from the sun with our stylish range of exterior blinds. The blinds act as a barrier on windows and patios,helping you save on energy costs and making your heating and cooling work more effectively. The exterior blinds work like a roll blinds and come in a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from.

MOWIN  motorised exterior roller are powered by Somfy automation from france.

Our blinds are available

with the following safety options


Both cord and chains are safely incorporated into the cord and chain tidy. This is to ensure that no loop exists; keeping the control mechanisms out of reach yet gives an uncluttered look at the same time.


This system removes the needs for chains and cords completely of the blinds. Mowin’s unique cordless lift system replaces the need for dangerous lift cords and motor for blind operation. Just pull it down manually and a simple touch of the blind will trigger an automatic roll-black returning it to its original position, which is fully stoppable at any point you desire.