Mowin's fabric available in black out, dim out and light filtering fabric with variety of different fabrics and color choices


Some of our fabrics are UV Protected to protect your room from the UV radiance that create a bad influence and damage to the furniture.


Fire-retardant fabrics are textiles that are naturally more resistant to fire than others through chemical treatment or manufactured fireproof fibers. Clearly protect your home from any undesirable incident.


Mowin is committed to meet the growing demand for healthier and more sustainable products.

  1. Meeting the rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOC, our GREENGUARD certified  fabrics contribute to the overall Indoor air quality and general health of a building space.
  2. Featured with ecotex where the yarns are tested and certified with anti-allergy fabric.
  3. Our fabric also anti polutan tested that are free from poison and won’t cause odor.