Our Products

Mowin provides wide-ranged fabrics that are environmentally friendly and colors that you can choose to suit your room, handcrafted with details by our skilled craftsmen to suit the size of your windows.

Our safety options feature a versatile yet sleek functional design to help you keep your blind cords and chains out of the reach of children, without sacrificing aesthetic with both the cord and chains are safely incorporated into the cord and chain tidy to ensure that no loops exist.

Motorized system as the advanced technology we provide to simplify you on the blinds operation, especially for a high and wide window with automatic remote control where the rail’s movements are operated with the motorized system from SOMFY, the best motorised system available in the market with 5 years guarantee directly from SOMFY.

Every fabric in Mowin can be customized with your logo or picture to suit your branding and preferences, giving you the satisfaction of having the limited design only for you.